Parshat Shelach

This week’s parashah contains some of the most exciting and troubling stories of the Chumash, including: the twelve spies, the putting to death of the man who gathered sticks on Shabbat and Moshe’s use of the Middot HaRachamim (Attributes of Mercy) formulation. Be sure to come to shule to hear the full story!

Join us at 6pm for a joyous Kabalat Shabbat. At 9:15am on Shabbat we will enjoy a shiur on the parashah which will be run by Yaron Gottlieb before commencing Shacharit at 9:45am.

This week we are excited to host Rebecca Schwarcz and Yisroel Hoffmann’s Shabbat Chattan v’Kallah.  We wish the couple and their families mazal tov and look forward to singing and dancing with them on Shabbat. The Dvar Torah will be given by Yisroel’s brother, Yaakov.

The Kiddush will be co-sponsored by Yisroel Hoffmann and Rebecca Schwarcz in honour of their Shabbat Chattan v’Kallah and also by Dalya and Ilan Freedman, commemorating the yortzeit of Dalya's late father, Stanley Ruch z'l. Yisroel and Rebecca, and Dalya and Ilan invite the entire Shira community to attend.

Shabbat Shalom

Posted on June 15, 2012 .