Parshat Beha'alotcha

This week’s parashah contains the passuk “Vayihi binso’ah aron…” which we sing in shule in the ceremony surrounding removing the Torah from the Aron Kodesh. Fittingly, this week, this passuk will be sung by Sasha Klein for the first time, as she celebrates her Bat Mitzvah.  In addition to this, Sasha will be marking the occasion by leyning from the Torah and reading the Haftora. The Dvar Torah will be given by Sasha’s aunt - and Shiranik in her own right - Sibella Stern. We wish a Mazal Tov to Sasha, Penelle, Aria and David and the families. The Stern and Klein families invite the whole Kehilla to a festive Kiddush following the Service.

We are also celebrating the Bar Mitzvah anniversary of Tony Schneeweiss who will be leyning the remainder of the parashah. We wish Tony and his family a Mazal Tov and look forward to hearing him leyn.

Be sure to join us at 6pm tonight for some lovely singing during Kabbalat Shabbat. This week will begin a weekly Shabbat Parashah Shiur. The shiur will be held at shule from 9:15am on Shabbat morning and will be facilitated by Yaron Gottlieb. Shacharit will commence at 9:30am.  

Tomorrow: Shira is hosting a Seudah Shlishit in honour of Debbie Masel (Miller) z'l.  The Seudah Shlishit will be run by Rabbi Hoffman (Debbie's teacher) and will include learning of Chassidut, Torah, psychodrama and lots of singing. Location - 7 Bramerton Rd, Caulfield (the home of Esther (Chooch) and Robert Takac) at 3.30pm.

Danny Ben Moshe, who is an Associate Professor & Principal Research Fellow at the Centre for Citizenship and Globalisation Faculty of Arts & Education, at Deakin University (and a Shira member!) has produced a documentary called Rewriting History. Classic Cinema will host a preview screening of the film, followed by a Q & A with Danny on Thursday June 28th. You can view the flyer here.

Shabbat Shalom

Posted on June 7, 2012 .