Parshat Korach

This week’s parasha sets out two models of leadership: one altruistic, aimed at serving Hashem and the people, and the other self-serving and masking itself as representative of the peoples’ values. It is before this backdrop that we are proud to welcome Eitan Reuven Flescher into the community. In addition to this, we will be celebrating his sister Nava’s third birthday. We are confident that with the guidance and support of their family and community, Eitan and Nava will grow up to become true leaders at Shira.

Please join us at 6pm for a melodic Kabbalat Shabbat. At 9:15am on Shabbat we will enjoy a shiur on the parasha which will be run by Yaron Gottlieb before commencing Shacharit at 9:45am. 

Ittay will be giving the Dvar Torah this week, which will be on the topic: "From the Korach quake to the Melbourne tremor – Human and Divine responses to natural disasters." The Haftorah will be recited by Alex Fein. This will be her first time reciting a Haftorah! We are thrilled to be sharing the experience with Alex.

The Kiddush will be sponsored by Carm and Ittay in honour of the Shira community, to thank everyone for the excitement, support and delicious meals that sustained them during the early weeks of Eitan's homecoming. 

Shabbat Shalom

Posted on June 22, 2012 .