Who We Are

Shira, the shul of song, is an inclusive Orthodox community in Melbourne that embraces a commitment to Jewish law (halakha) and social action (tikkun olam).

Modeled on the Shira Hadasha community in Jerusalem, we have sought out the opportunities afforded by traditional Jewish sources for increasing the inclusion of women in our liturgical practices. This permits the participation and leadership of women in certain parts of the prayer service, including Torah reading.

Our singing in prayer is not only about aesthetics but it is our primary religious medium of avodah shebalev (service of the heart). Music is a mode of expression which engages our minds and souls on a deeper level, creating a dance of intimacy with God.

Our social action programs aim to engage us with our religious obligations to fight injustice and oppression. Our community strives to seek a meaningful balance between all aspects of the rabbinic aphorism, “If I am not for myself, who am I; but if I am only for myself, what am I?”

Everyone is welcome at Shira as outlined in our diversity statement.. We are a dynamic, growing community that values the participation of all its members.

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