Shira Membership

We are delighted to invite you to take out membership to Shira for 2016-2017. 

Shira depends almost entirely on financial membership to run as a shule, and we ask everyone who attends services on the High Holy Days to take out membership. By taking out membership, you are supporting the only inclusive Orthodox minyan in Melbourne where both women and men are active participants.

Seating options

Following on from last year we are retaining some fixed seating for those who prefer it, but we’ve moved things around a bit following feedback. There is lots of choice, with fixed or traditional ‘freerange’ Shira style.

  • a fixed seat (which will have your name); or
  • to sit in an area with no fixed seats, with seating available each service on a first-come first-served basis.

Membership fees:

  • Adults: $395 plus $25 security levy
  • Full time students (13+): $135
  •  Children (under 13): $85

If financial circumstances make membership difficult, please contact us to discuss alternative payment arrangements.  

As in the past, people who do not take financial membership will not be excluded from attending Shira.

How to Book – please read this before you register:

  • Please have ready all required information for anyone for whom you are booking.  We ask for information including Hebrew names, birthdays and anniversaries. This information is really useful for us to have.  If you have provided it previously, then you do not need to provide it this year.

  • Look at the floor plan (Here and on booking site) and choose your preferred section:
    •  Members - no fixed seats: Members can sit anywhere within this section on a first come, first served basis each service.
    •  Members - fixed seats: You will be able to choose your seat using a self-service online seating plan which corresponds with the floor plan. Your seat in shule will then have your name.
  •  For membership without fixed seats, select the number of memberships you want and then complete registration and payment.

  • For fixed seats, please note that men and women sit in separate sections so you will need to first select seats for women/girls. After registering each member you will be taken to the checkout. Don’t complete payment but click on 'Continue shopping: This event' and then select seats for any men/boys and complete registration.

  •  If you want a combination of memberships with and without fixed seats (for example, you may not want a seat for all children), use “Continue shopping: This event” button, to navigate.

  •  Check carefully before you pay that you have the right number of men’s and women’s seats. You can make changes any time until you pay by removing items from the checkout, and you can add memberships by clicking on 'Continue shopping: This event'. If you realise you have made a mistake after you have paid, please contact us

  •  Keep a record of your seat numbers by printing or storing the ticket you receive. There will also be lists with names and corresponding seat numbers, in shule.

Click here to take out Shira 2016-17 membership.


If you would like to make a donation in addition to your membership contribution, please click here.