Parshat Behar Bechukotai

The people of Greece might rejoice in the teachings of this week's Parsha where we learn about the Shmitta and the Jubilee year - where all loans are required to be free of interest - and you can wander in to your neighbours fields and pick their fruit if you're hungry!

Please join us tonight at 6pm for a melodic Kabbalat Shabbat. Tefilla on Shabbat morning is at 9.30am and we're delighted to have Jewish Aid Education Director, Keren Tuch, giving our Dvar Torah this week. Kiddush will follow the Service.

Shavuot May 26th: Bookings for our delicious dinner close next Tuesday so please book asap at Adults $30, Concession $15. The shiurim (speakers) will begin from 7.45pm and the schedule is now on our website and on Facebook. We'd love you to spread the word, it is going to be an amazing night!

In memory of Debbie Masel (Miller): Rabbi Hoffman, teacher of Debbie Masel (Miller) z'l, is coming to speak at LimmudOz in June. Rabbi Hoffman will be conducting a Friday morning class in memory of Debbie, on the teachings of the Esh Kodesh. The Esh Kodesh, known as the Piacezna Rebbe, wrote the book 'Sacred Fire' in the Warsaw ghetto. The English version of that book was edited by Debbie in 2000.

When: June 8th from 10–11.30am. 

Venue: ACJC, Monash University Caulfield campus, 8th floor, Building H, 900 Dandenong Road, Caulfield East. RSVP is required for this study session by 30th May, so please email to confirm your attendance.

SEUDAH SHLISHIT: Shira will also be hosting a Seudah Shlishit - a '3rd Shabbat Meal' which was one of Debbie's favourite minhagim (customs) on Shabbat afternoon of June 9th at 3.30pm. The Seudat Shlishit with Rabbi Hoffman will have learning of Chassidut , some Torah psychodrama and lots of singing. Location to be confirmed shortly. All Welcome.

Shabbat Shalom

Posted on May 20, 2012 .