Parshat Emor

This week's Parsha takes on a Hunger Games theme where a blasphemer is taken out of the camp and stoned to death. Details of gruesome punishments such as 'an eye for an eye' and a 'fracture for a fracture' are listed. Cheery stuff! Sounds a bit like question time in Parliament House.

Join us tonight at 6.00pm for some lovely harmonies with our new Chazzaniyot. On Shabbat morning we start at 9.30am and are delighted to welcome Brad Bernstein to give our Dvar Torah. 

Shavuot is only 2 weeks away so we need you to book in for our Shavuot Dinner at 6pm on Saturday night, May 26th. It will be a delicious spread,  including lots of cheesecake for dessert. The learning begins at 7.45pm and we'd love you to join us to hear our amazing speakers, including:

The Honourable Justice Michael Sifris, Paul Forgasz, Yvonne Fein, Adiva Sifris, Ellyse Borghi, Rachel Sacks-Davis, Mandi Katz, Jonathan Barnett, Yaron Gottlieb and Rebecca Forgasz

Please book your dinner spots now at Adults $30, Concession $15. The theme for the evening is "The Cutting Edge; Contemporary Issues and Solutions in Halacha and Jewish Society." 

Shabbat Shalom

Posted on May 10, 2012 .