Pesach II

Whether your Matza was soft or crunchy this year, you're probably happy to see the end of it! Join us for the concluding two days of Pesach, where we cross the Red Sea and tap our tambourines, dancing our way to the desert. We are delighted to honour Yardena Prawer on 7th day Yom Tov, who is celebrating her Bat Mitzvah anniversary. Our very own 'Miriam' who brings music and so many great teachings to our community, it will be very special to share the Simcha with her. We also have it on good authority that a fabulous Kosher Le'Pesach Kiddush is on its way!

Thursday night: Service 6pm

Friday morning: Service 9.30am  - Dvar Torah by Steven Prawer in honour of Yardena's Batmitzvah

Friday night: Service 6pm

Shabbat morning: Service 9.30am: Shir Hashirim, the most romantic story in the Tanach, is read after the Torah reading. Yizkor is said approx 11.15am.

SHAVUOT - Save the Date: Erev Shavuot is coming up on Shabbat May 26th and we are hosting a Shavuot Dinner and Tikkun Leil Shavuot - a night of speakers and learning. Please save the date in your diaries. More details about booking for the dinner will be forthcoming. 

Chag Sameach

Posted on April 12, 2012 .