Parshat Tzav

With just one week to go until Pesach, join us for a de-stressing Kabbalat Shabbat at 6.30pm. Don't overdo the pre-Pesach prep  - too much stress leads to charosis of the liver! ( I know, I know, that joke stinks like bitter herbs!!)

Please join us on Shabbat morning at 9.30am to help make our minyan run on time. The Dvar Torah will be given by Alex Kats in honour of the 20th anniversary of the Yahrzeit of his late mother, Miriam (Maria) Kats. The Kiddush will be co-sponsored this week in honour of two of our newest shul members, new babies Amos Shaya Faigenbaum, born to Lara and Ari, and also Emuna Tiferet born to Simon and Ilana Faivel! MAZAL TOV TO ALL! We also wish Ari Faigenbaum a very Happy Birthday!


Some generous people have opened their homes for Seder night, so if you find yourself without a place to go, please reply to this email and we'll make arrangements for you. Likewise if you have a few spare spots at your Seder to offer, please be in touch via email.

SELLING CHAMETZ: Seraphya Berrin is arranging for sale of Chametz. Click here to sell your Chametz through Shira by 9.30am on Friday April 6


First night Friday 6th April: Shul 6pm

First day Shabbat 7th April: Shul 9.30am

Second night: No evening service

Second Day Sunday 8th April: Shul 9.30am

Seventh Night Thursday 12th April: Shul 6pm

Seventh Day Friday 13th April: Shul 9.30am

Eighth night Friday 13th April: Shul 6pm

Eighth Day Shabbat 14th April: Yizkor - Shul 9.30am 

WINGS OF CARE CHARITY DRIVE: When you are cleaning out your cupboards for Pesach, you may come across non-perishable, sealed, kosher chometz to donate to those in need. If you yourself are in need or know of someone who is, don’t hesitate to contact Lorraine Levy on 95274866. Donations must be made by WED April 4th at noon. Reply to this email to make arrangements for food drop off.

Shabbat Shalom

Posted on March 29, 2012 .