Parshat Vayetze

For all the dreamers out there — come and hear of Jacob's dream of the ladder of angels ascending to heaven and descending to earth, in this week's Parsha.

Kabbalat Shabbat which commences 6.30pm (mincha at 6.15pm).  Shacharit commences 9.45am, and the Dvar Torah this week will be given by Annie Zeleznikow.  A light Kiddush will follow the service and all are welcome.

We invite you to our "Modern Jewish Thinkers: Shira Seudah Shlishit series": 

(1) 6 December at 6pm: Yemima Avital: A Woman as a Modern Hasidic Master presented by Dr Melanie Landau. Address: 14 Airdrie Road, Caulfield North 

(2) 13 December at 6.30pm: The Lonely Prophet: Glimpses into the World of Rav Kook presented by Raphael Dascalu. Address: 6/310 Alma Road, Caulfield North.  

Dr Melanie Landau - events: In addition to the aforementioned Seudah Shlishit on 6 December, please join us for the following events with Melanie:

(1) A community Q&A at 7pm on Sunday 7 Decemberat Shira premises (222 Balaclava Road).  This will be followed by our AGM at 8pm.  

(2) An informal catch up for Shira and the wider community with Melanie on Shabbat 13 December, after the Kiddush at Shira at approximately 1.45pm, at Caulfield Park (near the pond and play equipment opposite the Bowling Club).  BYO rug, kosher food and plate/cup.

Announcement! We are thrilled to welcome the following new members of our Shira team, to start 2015:

Early Learning Co-Ordinators: Deb Neumann and Lia Avisar.  Deb is a university student, starting her Masters in Teaching, a former Jewish school educator and youth movement leader.  Lia is a university student, studying OT, a youth movement leader and Hebrew teacher. Both speak Hebrew and love music. They are really looking forward to a creative and fun year with your children.

Bnei Mitzvah Co-Ordinator: Adiel Cohney. Adiel is a university student, madrich, and current Head of Education at Habo.  He is excited to run an interactive program that stresses tikkun olam (social responsibility), engaging Jewish learning, and leadership. Please email to register your child's interest in our 2015 Bnei Mitzvah program.

Shabbat Programs Co-Ordinator (for children aged 6-10): Annie Zeleznikow. Annie is a university student, and current youth group leader, and is looking forward to building up this group with you.  She has great ideas to engage your children with unique Shira programs and games.

Welcome to the Shira Team — we are gearing up for an exciting 2015!  As part of this new strategy, can we ask you to take our 5 minute survey! We really value your feedback on Shira, and appreciate your time.Thank you to Anthony Frosh for all his work in preparing our survey.

Shabbat Shalom

Posted on November 28, 2014 .