The weather is wild and unpredictable - it must be Sukkot time!  Thank you to all who contributed and davened with us over Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur, it was an incredible time at Shira.  Now we look forward to continuing the momentum together, and celebrating Sukkot & Simchat Torah with you.

We are still open for membership, and we thank  all those who have supported us so far. It's not too late to take out membership, and we always gratefully welcome your contribution! Click here to take out membership!

Sukkot times & events are as follows:

Thursday 9 October - Shacharit 9.30am
A light kiddush will be held at the home of Alex Fein and Yaron Gottleib at 28 Normanby Avenue (not Road!) after shule.

Friday 10 October - Shacharit 9.30am

Special event! Join us for a very special Sukkot after shule (12 approx) at the Tamir's beautiful sukkah at 14 Airdrie Road, Caulfield. Thank you to Lindy and Eddie Tamir who are kindly sponsoring a light lunch in the Sukkah.  Over lunch, we will hear a presentation by educator and Director of Teaching Israel, Ilan Blochon "Finding meaning in the Fruit & Veg Aisle: How might we find meaning as individuals and a community during the Sabbatical year (Shmittah)." 

Join our Sukkot facebook events groups for more information and updates!

Kabbalat Shabbat 10 October - 6.30pm (*note new time)

Shabbat 11 October - 9.30am (*note new time) Come and hear Yardena Prawer read the beautiful soulful words of Kohelet.
A light kiddush will be held at the home of Annette Charak and Alain Herz at 18 Pental Road after shule.

All are welcome to join in our Kiddushes and we are thankful to all our respective generous hosts for the use of their Sukkahs!

Shmini Atzeret/Simchat Torah (more details to follow in next email)

Shmini Atzeret 16 October - Shacharit 9.15am

Kids dinner & Simchat Torah activities for ages 0-7 - 5pm
Simchat Torah nighttime celebrations 7.30pm

Simchat Torah 17 October
Shacharit 9.15am 
Hakafot 10.30am
Aliyot 11.00am
Kol Nearim/Kallat HaTorah/Chatan Bereishit 12 noon

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Lulav & Etrog

Bnei Akiva is selling Lulav and Etrog sets at discounts to Shira members who mention this email: 10% of final purchase price if you purchase 2-4 sets, and 20% off to purchase 5+ sets, please contact

Save the Date - Shira's AGM is scheduled to take place on Sunday night 7 December 2014 at 8pm, more details to follow.

We sadly advise of the passing of Daniel Hertzberg z'l, on 2 October, father of Ruth Pojer. We extend our condolences to Ruth and the entire family at this sad time and wish them all a long and healthy life.

Mazeltov to Mark and Karen Symons on the engagement of Ariella Symons to Simon Holloway, we wish all the families much joy, nachas and blessings, on this exciting occasion.

Finally, tickets are now on sale for the Jewish International Film Festival (JIFF), more information on the program and purchasing tickets can be found here

Chag Sameach and Shabbat Shalom

Posted on October 7, 2014 .