Parshat Ki Tavo

If you've got the election spirit, the next two weeks at Shira are the place for you! Tonight we can have a democratic vote for the tunes for Lecha Dodi, starting at 6pm. Shul on Shabbat starts at 9.15am for the shiur, followed at 9.45am with Shacharit. Those who come on time will be rewarded with preferences. The person who wins all our votes is Alex Kats, who stepped in at the last minute to volunteer to give this week's drasha. Thank you to Sara Brott who is sponsoring this week's Kiddush, in honour of the 10th yahrzeit of her mother, Esther z'l.

Next Shabbat: Come and hear three of the Melbourne Ports candidates in a Q&A with Mark Baker. Michael Danby (ALP), Kevin Ekendahl (Liberal) and Ann Birrell (The Greens) will be at shul from 12.30pm for a chat over the kiddush followed by the panel. Bring all your tough questions, but be on your best behaviour! All welcome!

Rosh Hashana is just 2 weeks away! Naturally your membership is up to date, but if there's someone else you want to invite - send them this link to pay for their shira membership over the yom tovs.

Mazal Tov to Ellyse Borghi and Adam Hyman on their surprise wedding!! Bon Voyage, have a wonderful trip!

Shabbat Shalom!


Posted on August 22, 2013 .