Parshat Naso


It is back to shul as 'normal' this week, now that Shavuot is behind us. We'd like to acknowledge and thank the guest speakers who came to make the night of Tikkun Leil so special, and all those who helped us finish off the cheesecake. (More of that on Shabbat too!)

Kabbalat Shabbat starts at 6pm on Friday, and it is a final Friday for regular chazzanit Deb Neumann who is off to travel the world. We wish you a bon voyage and hope you come back to sing with us again soon!

The shiur on Shabbat morning starts at 9.15am, followed by Tefilla at9.45am. We look forward to some passionate discussion that will arise from the Torah reading - outlining the laws of sotah, a woman who is suspected of adultery, who is made to drink 'bitter waters'. The practice was abolished by Johanan ben Zakai, one reason being the "uncontrollable number of cases of adultery". This complex and disturbing ritual will be discussed by Ittay Flescher in the Drasha.

The Producers: Tickets are still available to see JYM's show starring Joel Lazar and many others talented folks. Details here.

Shabbat Shalom


Posted on May 16, 2013 .