Parshat Lech Lecha

This Shabbat, a new series begins on channel Lech Lecha called "My Husband Is Really My Brother". One reviewer said "The riveting storyline kept me in shul for the whole episode. Avram escapes plagues, Egyptian kings and survives parenting in his 80's, not to mention the circumcision.. . he should be the star of 'Survivor - Bible'."

Daylight Savings Shul Time: Please join us at the new time of 6.30pm for Kabbalat Shabbat. On Shabbat day we have our regular shiur at 9.15am followed by shacharit. We are delighted to have Gávi Ansara back down in Melbourne to give this week's drasha. Gávi was recently a guest of Shira at a shabbat talk about inclusiveness for GLBTI Jews in our community which was very well received.  

Bon Voyage: Our kiddush this week is being sponsored by Andrew Wirth and Lynette Chazan in honour of their upcoming sabbatical in NYC. They are taking literally the commandment in the parsha to "lech lecha - go from your land". We wish you wonderful adventures on your travels!

Jewish and Muslim Dinner Oct 18th - This will be a fantastic evening for dialogue and myth busting. Bookings for next Friday's dinner must close by Tuesday. Cost $15. You can pay via paypal on our website here.

Mitzvah Day: On November 17th at 10am, Shira will be participating in Mitzvah day where the whole community participates in various volunteer works. Shira have nominated to help a wonderful organisation called St Kilda Mums in a working bee to tidy up their warehouse at 5 Vale St, St Kilda to sort out donations of baby goods that can be recycled to those in need. We can only take 20 volunteers, so please RSVP to this email to confirm your spot.

Hineni Bogrim Alumni Network Launch Party - Murder Mystery on 27th Oct.

Shabbat Shalom


Posted on October 10, 2013 .