Parshat Pinchas

In this week’s parashah, we see 5 strong women argue their case before Moshe, who then advocates on their behalf before Hashem. Join us at Shira as we follow in these women’s tradition. We will bring in Shabbat in style with an emphatic Kabbalat Shabbat at 6pm. At 9:15am on Shabbat morning we will enjoy a shiur on the parasha which will be run by Yaron Gottlieb, before commencing Shacharit at 9:45am.  This week’s Dvar Torah will be given by Melanie Landau. This is the first time that Melanie has spoken in Melbourne in a year, so be sure to come and hear her.

Kiddush Lunch and Guest Speaker: On July 21st, next Shabbat, we are delighted to host a talk given by Rebecca Forgasz on the topic: 

‘Women known for these acts’: Lesbianism in Halacha.

Lunch costs $20 for adults and $10 for students, little kids can attend for free. You can pay by paypal on our website by clicking here or depositing the required amount in Shira’s account (details below). Bookings close on Wed July 18th.

Account Name: Shira Hadasha

BSB: 013 445

Account number: 4978 30199

Consecration of Debbie Masel (Miller) : The consecration of the tombstone erected in loving memory of Debbie will occur on July 22nd at 10am. It is at the Chevra Kadisha Cemetery (Browns Road, Springvale) Section 13, Row N, No. 30.

Tisha Be'Av: On Saturday night of July 28th, we will commence the reading of Megillat Eicha at 6:45pm. This will be followed by a screening of episode three from the brilliant TV series “Ancient Rome: The Rise and fall of an Empire” which dramatically depicts the rival Jewish factions at the time and the sinat chinam (baseless hatred) between them that contributed to the end of Jewish sovereignty in Judea. We will conclude the evening with a discussion about the historical context and modern incarnation of baseless hatred in Judaism.

Shira Tzedakah: Last week in shule, Michael Fagenblat spoke movingly about how he and his family visited a hospital in Malawi where Shira member Naor Bar-Zeev works. Michael described the dire state of the hospital and how the opportunity to employ one more nurse would assist the hospital and save lives. Shira has decided to adopt this cause. Please click on this link to find out more about the cause and to donate.

Shabbat Shalom

Posted on July 13, 2012 .