Parshat Teruma

This week's parsha reads like 'Architecture Today' magazine, with vivid descriptions of the building of the Mishkan. Using all the latest biodegradeable and environmentally friendly materials, such as animal skins (organic, free range) and goat hair (cruelty free shearing), this building was a masterwork of design such that even the Judge from Up Above was happy to relocate, saying "I shall dwell amidst them". 

Join us tonight at 6.30pm for a joyous Kabbalat Shabbat, and on Shabbat morning at 9.30am please join us promptly for Shacharit. We are delighted to be celebrating the birthday of Simmy Abraham this week, and he will be giving us the Dvar Torah, entitled "The First Building Fund Appeal". Simmy, Lorraine and family invite you to join them for a festive Kiddush following shul to celebrate the occasion.

PURIM! Come dressed up for Megillah and fun activities! Kids fun starts at 7.30pm with Brendan the Balloon Man (RSVP essential for balloon supply - no charge) followed by Megilla at 8.30pm and then a boogie with our Purim Band, with delicious Hamentashen! All Welcome! 

Yishar Koach – Thank you to our Tikkun Committee, and particularly to Elisheva and Pebby, and The Classic, for their hard work in arranging the Footnote movie night. We had a huge turnout and had a great response to the film, whilst raising money for Jewish Aid Australia.

Theatre: Elisa Gray, Tomi Kalinski and Evelyn Krape have written a fabulous play entitled 'Zaftik, Ek Velt - Juicy, voluptuous, tail-end of the World' for the Montreal International Festival of Yiddish Theatre. Their Melbourne debut runs from February 29 to March 10, at the Phoenix Theatre, 101 Glenhuntly Rd. Elwood. Understanding Yiddish not essential. Learn more about the play and ticketing at

Shabbat Shalom

Posted on February 24, 2012 .