Arafat in Therapy

Arafat in Therapy

Shira member Jeremie Bracka will be performing his show: Arafat in Therapy at 8pm Thursday 10th Feb 2011 at Theatre Works, 14 Acland Street, St Kilda. Tickets are $35. Please purchase tickets through our website and write your name in the payment box. Tickets can be collected 20 minutes before the show at the theatre. (Adult themes, age 15+ recommended.)

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JEREMIE BRACKA in Arafat In Therapy

"Yasser Arafat in therapy? Now that's an analysis worth watching."

Spanning several ethnicities, Arafat In Therapy is an edgy one-man satire on the Middle-east peace process. From U.N. resolutions to CNN, this show is a piss-take on politicians, peacemakers and human rights.

Jeremie Bracka trained at the National Theatre Drama School. His previous shows include: Lox, Shmocks and Two Smoking Salmons (2006) and Enough About Me...Let's Talk About Jew! which was a critically acclaimed hit at Melbourne's International Comedy Festival 2007 and the NYC Fringe Festival 2008.

Posted on January 17, 2011 .