Welcome to Shira Hadasha! 

Shira, the shul of song, is an inclusive Orthodox community in Melbourne that embraces a commitment to Jewish law (halakha) and social action (tikkun olam). For more information, click here.

Who Are We?

Shira is an inclusive Orthodox minyan in Melbourne where both women and men are active participants and song permeates the service. 

At Shira, you’ll find a mehitza dividing the praying-space into two, but services are led from both its sides. Shira believes that Orthodox Judaism must strive for such inclusiveness, and it leads the way as the first such congregation in Australia. 

Come visit us for an experience of prayer and song. If you need a place to stay or eat, don’t hesitate to ask.

See you soon!


This week - 21 July

There is Kabbalat Shabbat this week at 6:30pm at 28a Briggs Street Caulfield, followed by a Pot Luck Dinner. Sign up and RSVP here by 17 July. https://www.perfectpotluck.com/IMSC7720.

Shacharit begins at 9:45 am.

Please join us after shul for a kiddush to say farewell to Adam Hyman, Ellyse Borghi and baby Allegra before they head off to Israel for a year to study. Thank you Adam and Ellyse for their generous sponsorship of this week's kiddush. 

The Dvar Torah will be given by Adam Hyman on Parashat Devarim. 

On Saturday night, join us at shul at 7pm to commemorate Tisha B'Av with a reading of Megillat Eicha, followed by a source-based discussion on what we can learn from the destruction of the Beit Hamikdash in thinking about current threats to liberal democracy.











Victor Majzner, "Holding onto Heaven," 2009. We would like to acknowledge and thank Victor Majzner for his beautiful art work on our home page, from his book Painting the Song, in collaboration with the wonderful poetry of Debbie Masel z'l.


222 Balaclava Road, Caulfield

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No Kabbalat Shabbat service until further notice

Saturday, 9:45 am 

Tots' Program: 
Saturday, 11 am - 12 pm

Primary Kids' Program:
Saturday, 11 am -12 pm

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