Yamim Nora'im - key information

We wish all in the Shira community a happy and healthy new year. We look forward to sharing time together in our beautiful shule in song, prayer, contemplation and community. Most of the services will be led by Micah Sukol and Talia Lakritz who are joining us from Jerusalem and New York and who both lead with soulfulness and beautiful voices.

Drashot will again be delivered by some of the wonderful scholars, thinkers, writers and storytellers in our community.
And a first for us: a program in our new rooftop space called ‘Above and Beyond’, where meditative and reflective sessions will be on offer at 9.45am each morning with experienced and respected facilitators
As always, our children’s programs will be fun as well as educational. Programs for younger and then older children will take place consecutively in the same room with a separate playroom available for children and their parents all through the mornings if they don’t wish to be in the program. Please note children need to be enrolled to attend the programs.

Please renew membership here and please don't hesitate to contact us if taking membership is difficult for financial reasons.

Service times:
Rosh Hashana
6.00pm - Ma'ariv Wednesday and Thursday
8.30am - Shacharit Thursday and Friday
10am - Torah Reading
10.30am - Drasha followed by Shofar
11am - Mussaf

Shabbat Shuva
6pm - Ma'ariv Friday (Shortened Kabbalat Shabbat)
8.45am - Shacharit followed by a light kiddush

Yom Kippur
6.15pm - Kol Nidrei
8:30am - Shacharit
11:00am - Torah reading
12:00pm - Yizkor
12:15 pm - Musaf
3:00pm - Break
4:15pm - Mincha
5:20pm - Drasha
5:40 - Neilah
7.03pm- Yom Kippur ends with Shofar followed by Ma'ariv.

Rosh Hashana Day I  - Mark Baker
Rosh Hashana Day II - Joel Lazar
Kol Nidrei - Lara Lubitz
Yom Kippur - Ellyse Borghi
Ne'ilah - Ittay Flescher
Shabbat Shuva - Raf Dascalu

Children's programs
Rosh Hashana Day I & II
Shira Tots aged 2 to 5: 10.00am to 11.00am
Shira kids ages 6 to 9: 11.15am-12.15

Reminder: All children attending programs must be registered. An enrolment option is available for children who attend only on the Yamim Noraim.

Above & Beyond - Shira's rooftop marquee
We invite you to enjoy a rooftop heated and furnished outdoor room, for schmoozing and time out when you need a break, and some wonderful sessions.

Rosh Hashana Day I- 9.45am - 10.30am Dalit Kaplan "Mindful Listening - Feeling more connected"
Rosh Hashana Day II -  9.45am - 10.30am Nathalie Martinek "A meditation for the Jewish new year"
Yom Kippur 9.45am - 10.30am - Elise Bialyew "Reflective circle on the meaning of Yom Kippur and a guided meditation"

Aboutour facilitators
Before launching Storywell, Dalit Kaplan was telling stories as a lawyer. However, her passion has always been for theatre and writing. While living in New York, she studied acting, storytelling and radio production and on returning to Australia in 2014, she launched Storywell, where she promotes a storytelling culture in organizations and with the general public through her workshops and coaching services. When she is not teaching storytelling, she spends her time chasing around a cheeky toddler, practising community law, writing or producing radio.
Although not a particularly religious Jew, Elise Bilayew is passionate about spirituality and the Jewish tradition and each year likes to offer a community meditation for Yom Kippur to offer the community a way for contemplation and reflection. She is the founder of the global mindfulness meditation campaign Mindful in May that has raised over $600,000 to bring clean water to over 15,000 people across Africa. 
Nathalie Martinek describes meditation as more than relaxation and releasing stress. It's an opportunity to reflect on your direction in life, discover barriers to experiencing peace and joy and undertake an guided internal process to let go perceptions that interfere with feeling centred and peaceful. Every group who comes together shares a similar barrier that is revealed in the group. We use singing, speaking, visualisation and the mind to expand our awareness to create our life experience from a place of peace, vision and infinite potential. From this place, we can plant seeds of conscious intention for the New Year ahead to benefit ourselves, our loved ones, community and humanity.